Our products

For the production of bulkbins we use high quality wood of two kinds:

  • soft wood: spruce and pine of which the bulkbin floor and loadspace are made
  • hard wood: hornbeam, beech, oak, and the like, of which such particularly durable bulkbin elements are made as:
    • bulkbin feet(skids)
    • load-bearing boards
    • edge boards in the pallet floor and, at customers’ request, triangles in the bulkbin loadspace.


Our bulkbins are made of:

  • quadrillaterally planed boards with rounded off edges, which prevents fruits bruising and damaging .
  • pallet feet with double-sidedly bevelled side edges, which enables efficient forklift truck operation
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Wszystkie skrzyniopalety wykonane są z czterostronnie cheblowanych desek
Wszystkie skrzyniopalety wykonane są z czterostronnie cheblowanych desek

Apple and pear bulkbin standard version is eqipped with:

  • Quadrillaterally milled hand grips for manual carrying of empty bulkbins
  • Air inlets in the side walls and, at the customer’s request, in the bulkbin floor for more efficient air circulation, cooling and product storing.
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Skrzyniopaleta na jabłka
Skrzyniopaleta na jabłka

Galvanized ring-shaped nails, screws, and steel angle bars are used for joining the pallet with the bulkbin load space. (Photo, Photo).

Elementy metalowe wykorzystywane w konstrukcji skrzyniopalet
Elementy metalowe wykorzystywane w konstrukcji skrzyniopalet

Our bulkbins are distinguished by highly functional features such as:

  • possibility of using a forklift truck from four sides in the majority of our bulkbin versions
  • durability resulting from the bulkbins construction and the raw material used for their production
  • homogeneity of size and other technical parametres


Bulkbins produced by our firm are realiable and well-tried due to a long period of usage by EU farmers. Our bulkbins have appropriate certificates permitting them to be used in the so called high storage in cold stores and in other types of storage.